Monday, 18 January 2010

Scott Mills' Undeflatable Ego

Hey there jizzwizard. The new issue of Lucida Console has been shelved for a couple of weeks whilst the usage of the 1st person tense gets edited down. Whilst working in a fish factory today and listening to radio 1 there was a moment of realisation when hearing Scott Mills' constantly say "I think that", "I did this", and "I've got a large and peculiar ego but a very small and frail mind" that I thought, hey buddy you're neither as funny as you think you are, nor as interesting. So, the usage of "I" is being somewhat reduced throughout the zine because nobody likes a person that can suck their own dick: ultimtaely issue nine won't be out cuz of Scott Mills. Plus, my fingers really stink of fish, and typing only helps to circulate the smell. Anyhow, here's the cover. Think about other people more often.

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