Friday, 5 February 2010

Wild Turkey, Shitty Job

So recently I have started working again after a year. Kourvka. Everyone exeperiences "shitty job". It can kill. Issue 10 will have a collection off the shittest jobs my friends and I have worked. Today my spirit was broken by a haddock that didn't conform to packing weight. But enough about me. As of tomorrow issue 9 will be ready for action. It's text heavy and full of disillusionment, but hey, at least it's something to read. Fucking art zines. Last night I paid £2 for a bunch of photocopied pictures. No point. Anyway, Here's a very old Lucida console page from 2003. i'd like to write more write now but drinking wild turkey bourbon after a 55 hour week blah shit sux. Paypal orders will be accepted when the working week wild turkey has stopped kickin my ass.

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