Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Everything shits until it dies.

Happy New Year! I hope everything isn't fucking shit for you and you're feeling positively non-suicidal. New Year's Eve I was in bed by 11:15pm with a severe case of misery guts, not even fine rum could save me and lord knows I tried to get enough of it down my neck before the darkness took hold of my mind.

The reason I haven't posted since November is because I have been working on issue 9 and I don't want to waste any of the "gold" I've been producing on a shitty blog. I wrote a period drama about a stuck up redheaded girl who works in Morris' pasty shop in Falmouth which is pretty much the least interesting thing ever produced. Yes, life has become dull and the only thing keeping me from complete disillusionment in 2010 is Piers Anthony, an American sci fi writer who writes bizarre fantasy books with titles like "Alien Plot" "Cthon" and "Knot Gneiss". In this fantasy world I have immersed myself in everything is exciting and vaguely sexy. There are loads of stories about people quiting real life and joining communities possesing REAL MAGIC and it sounds pretty cool to be honest. I'm still in exactly the same situation I was when I was 15 years old and I hate it. Long live fantasy. I'll post something up again when issue 9 is nearly done. Not long now hopefully. Smell ya later. SW

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