Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Flowerpower, bitch

After two interviews I think it's time for something a little bit different. Hazabouzomolcrap? Here's the booze review from issue five. The whole issue reminds me of my friend's staffordshire bull terrier Albert, who he says he has "ruined" thru being too emotional. He told me that Albert lives in a cupboard and cries a lot with a boner, because too much death cab as a youngster has rendered him mentally impaired. For a while back in 2005 I was Albert. I had a completely irrational crush on this Asian girl who I barely ever spoke to but I was convinced we were "almost a couple". It was horrible, and the whole of issue 5 has some traces of this emotionally turbulent time. The beer review reflects my eventual conquering of this unattainable babe thru a new friend in booze. So what else is going down in my little computer cave at the foot hills of Mount Doom? I'm working on issue nine pretty slowly, but I'm using my new found computer skills to create some pretty sweet headers. For example this dragon shooting out flamin' hot diarrhea which will be crowning the music reviews.
Up to this point the actual typen werd of the isuue is of average quality, but I really wanna put out another zine before the end of the year so I'm gonna bust it Righteous Jams style. Plus I'm starting to feel thick, and nothing kills confidence faster than thinking that you're not as good as you used to be. Thankfully I never was much good so it won't be too hard to make a mediocre zine. Peace on Middle Earth.

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