Thursday, 1 October 2009

"Humour. It's a difficult concept." - Saavik, Star Trek II

For some unknown reason this week has just been shit from the offset. On monday afternoon after a breakfast of peanut butter eggy-bread my friend Greg proclaimed that he was disillusioned with life. This was shortly followed by a short speech explaining why life wasn't worth living. "I'm sick of living on the breadline, and I'm sick of eating fucking bread!" And with this he jumped out his seat and slashed the poster of the Crocus, Bangers, and Lavotchkin Berlin show in half with a massive kitchen knife. This display of hopeless frustration at the world set the tone for the week. Infact I can't even dwell on it any longer - I gotta go ride my bike. In brief, no new article this week because I'm fed up. See ya next time. Here's the guide to happiness from issue 5. But incase that's too cheerful, here's a quote from Star Trek summing up the despondancy of a generation, The Next Generation.

Data - "There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."
Geordi - "Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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