Monday, 19 October 2009

Since I no longer care for the real world I have created a short list of sci fi women who I think should be promoted to a less fictional status.

1. Dr Ellie Sattler in classic Paelobotanist outfit in Jurassic Park.

2. Trinity in her normal Zion clothes, not that goth shit of The Matrix.

I also discovered a Dr Ellie lookalike in Plymouth who I will soon start a quest for. I served her drinks on friday night and tried to keep my cool infront of ultimate dream girl. She wasn't wearing denim shorts, boots, shirt and a neckerchief but she was still a total babe.

At my other job on Friday I also spent alot of time reading a fantasy novel called A Spell for Chameleon. It freaked me out so much that I could barely concentrate on answering the phone to stupid art fags asking about the latest French films. Everytime one of them interrupted me I tried to banish them with some powerful magic. I have given up trying to read respectable books. Give me a story about magicians and unicorns anyday, especially sexy ones like the Xanth series. The guy gets a handjob off some mermaids whilst escaping an underwater cave.

Top 5 Xanth titles:

1. Question Quest

2. Faun and Games

3. Zombie Lover

4.Crewel Lye

5.The Dastard

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