Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Poop Deck Thrashers

This article was supposed to be in issue 9 of Lucida Console, but i doubt it'll ever get finished so here ya are with a snippet of shit about skating in boat mould. Not the best thing ever written. Thanks to Zack for the one good picture.

In the beginning there was the Word, and the word was cowabunga, dude. With the spirit of righteous shred master Bart Simpson possessing us, Mile High, Short Crust, Raw Rocket Dog and myself went on the a much needed skate adventure. Boredom was in need of a good kick in the cock, so we decided to try to locate the sketchiest spot in the whole of Cornwall. There was rumour of some totally radical abandoned boat moulds behind Asda in Penryn which needed our immediate shredding attention.

The rumour proved to be true and we tried not to have a cow as we climbed thru the fence into the shitty industrial wasteland where the boat moulds were. As well as being sited next to a gypsy hangout, the boats are surrounded by old oil drums, rusty metal poles, and general industrial shite which wouldn’t look out of place in that scene in Robocop where that guy melts in toxic waste. But ay caramba! these boats were fun. As an addition to the excellent transitions, climbing up the 10ft frames into the boats was a fantastic workout for our already perfect physiques. Spunky young men like us don’t wade knee deep in amazing babes because we’re dweebs, eh?

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